JULY 05 2024

finally moved the site to a new host! this has been long overdue.
been out of storage for a while, but now there's a ton of space. so to celebrate:
a ton of comics have been uploaded to the site. you can now read the following
lamezone classics online, free, no downloads required, on your phone or whatever-

crow cillers season nine
lamezine 001
lamezine 002
gag gum
happy new year
*********** aka angstcastle aka asscastle 2

please enjoy, and spread the word! make your friends read lamezone comics!

also- i'm still busy working on the crow cillers series finale-
crow cillers: the movie, which will be the final episode of season 10 as well as the series.
if you want to catch up on the rest of season 10, the episodes are available for download on patreon.
the final episode will probably end up coming out last minute in december, so i can work on it as long as possible.
the "complete season 10 with special features" will probably come together the year after, concluding things once and for all.
after that i can focus on more angel chain and whatever else.
ok, talk to you later bye

FEB 28 2024

the site has been redesigned. welcome to the new lamezone.net.
if you don't like the new look, try refreshing it a few times.

also, there is a new chapter of angel chain