since the dawn of time
[Jun 11th, 200X | 5:52 AM]

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ok so... which commercial has been eternally airing on tv for the longest now-
the sears air conditioner YOU CALL NOW one..
or the zoobooks one with FREE ELEPHANT ISSUE

either way they will both be airing even after society is ended... -__-

never knows best
[Jun 10th, 200X | 7:28 PM]

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this town mostly completely sucks and has nothing to do..
EXCEPT this comic shop near me is actually kind of badass.
they dont just have comics, they also get manga and dvds and games,
and theres even a arcade attached on the other side of the store..

anyway i went there today and they had the FLCL manga which
looks fucking awesome... its weird tho it seems really different
from the show?? but still cool...

they also have the dvds... wtf why are they so expensive and have like
TWO EPISODES PER DVD? the show is like 6 episodes and you have to buy 3 dvds..

....but obviously ill have to get it anyway because its FUCKING FLCL...

cartoon network
[Jun 8th, 200X | 4:00 PM]

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hey remember when cartoon network suddenly changed all their shows?
like johnny bravo suddenly went to a diner all the time and had a friend named carl..?
and dexter sounded and looked COMPLETELY different..

wtf was that about???! O__o
dexter was definitely way worse after that...
and ESPECIALLY powerpuff girls they didnt even FIGHT anymore.
that show was the best when they like, knocked ppls teeth out
or that time they took that monsters fang out and
stabbed it through its head and there was even BLOOD...
*eyes go blank and gets lost in bloodlust* .... wait what were we talking about O__O

get off my lawn!!! O__<
[Jun 5th, 200X | 3:51 PM]

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theres this kid who lives around here who is always
jumping the fence to shortcut through our backyard..
it always makes our dog freak out and its just WEIRD..
why are you in our yard....

today he did it and i just grabbed a knife
and stood in the doorway looking as insane as possible O___<
lmaooooo he looked SO FREAKED OUT

[May 29th, 200X | 4:40 PM]

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holy shit south park did a machinema episode with world of warcraft....
imagine if they started showing red vs blue on comedy central O___o...
also FUCK i wanna play wow but you have to pay monthly.. -___-

[May 27th, 200X | 6:09 PM]

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[now listening to: Daft Punk- human after all ]

ZOMFG inuyasha toys on adult swims website...
.......what O__O *blinks**blinks* < /fangirl>

666 separate meats from an animal which has maggots for blood....
[May 26th, 200X | 6:09 PM]

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[now listening to: Green Day- holiday ] it bad that i kinda wanna eat the broodwich....

... its fine if i take of the tomatoes right O__O

also i love this part, i wish they showed
the broodwich dimension more... why athf only 11 minutes, adult swim... X__X

lamp jacob
[May 24th, 200X | 7:31 PM]

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the candlejack episode of freakazoid is on rn,
idk why this shit became a meme this episode isnt even that funn-

[May 21st, 200X | 5:31 AM]

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[now listening to: nine inch nails- survivalism ]

WTF. there was a BOMB THREAT at school today...
and they didnt even send anyone home or anything!?
there were some dudes looking around with a dog and stuff...
obviously nothing happened but uhhhhhh...
what if there actually was a bomb!??
seriously schools in this town wont send people home for ANYTHING.
ive been there when the power went out, when there was so much ice you
could barely walk anywhere, and they didnt even send people home
on september 11th...
is this even legal??!

[May 20th, 200X | 1:25 AM]

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[now listening to: HIM- rip out the wings of a butterfly]

ok those commercials where they sell coins have to be one of the dumbest things on tv.

its... a quarter... why would you pay MORE than a quarter for a quarter...

one christmas my grandpa gave me a book to collect those stupid state quarters in.
at least you can play a game with yugioh cards.. what the hell do you do with
quarters or stamps?! buy some gum and send some letters?
actually i want some gum.. GIVE ME YOUR QUARTERS O__O

a noble cause
[May 16th, 200X | 12:35 AM]

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[now listening to: insane clown posse- pass me by ]

HEY sign this petition to bring back surge..
remember, that soda they used to sell....
it was BASICALLY liquid crack.
and for some reason they stopped making it...

soooo help this petition get over 9000 signatures or ill have to set you on fire..



do the evolution
[May 11th, 200X | 9:50 PM]

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[now watching: spawn the animated series ]

that new disturbed video reminded me of this...

napster... wtf.. [May 6th, 200X | 6:03 PM]

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so, i have just been informed by an advertisement that you can
pay for napster now.

........................ can PAY. for NAPSTER.

epic fail is epic.... >___<

lol wut [Apr. 30th, 200X | 9:16 AM]

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...wait so plutos just not a planet now?
you can just do that???

cus usa is teh s uck
[Apr. 28th, 200X | 11:56 PM]

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im so sick of this stupid country.
im moving to canada where they have gay marriage and
people arent electing a complete fucking idiot
for president.

people give more of a shit about a freaking fetus
than actual

i was walking my dog and saw these people
who protest all the time, they have signs that say
all kinds of stuff... but the only part that bothers
anyone in this city is when they say shit about the troops.

who cares about the troops who are just blowing up kids for oil?!?!
they protest at funerals and everything, and nobody gives a shit that
they say death to gay people, they only care when they
call the troops gay. id rather be gay than killing kids!

whats wrong with people

the other day my dumb fuck redneck cousin said
that if anyone ever came out of the closet around him
he'd kick them right back in.
everyone in this city is so fucking stupid...
it cant be like this everywhere right?
it feels pointless sometimes
i feel no fucking hope for the human race

we should all jus tbe fucking wiped out

the mitt must be stopped [Apr. 25th, 200X | 12:41 AM]

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[now listening to: Fall Out Boy- this ain't a scene, it's an arms race ]

we must act now to throw the arbys oven mitt
into the deep fryer before it can kills again.

...dont look at me like that.....
that thing is killing people and turning them into
sandwiches and you cant convince me otherwise O___O

rofl [Apr. 22nd, 200X | 7:00 PM]

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STFU is my anti-drug
[Apr. 21st, 200X | 6:32 PM]

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[now listening to: Danger Doom- Space Ho's]

is it just me or are all the anti-drug ads
so annoying they make u want to do drugs
just out of spite...

interwebz friendzshipzzzzzz
[Apr. 19th, 200X | 5:45 PM]

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[now listening to: Disturbed- Prayer]

uhh im bored.
does anyone else use the following interactive interwebz:
neopets, cartoon orbit, kingdom of loathing, adventure quest, or runescape?
i dont have maplestory or gaiaonline but ill try them if anyone cool is there..
uhhhh ya thats all ok hurry up add me i totally wont murder your character
and steal all your rare items and desecrate your corpse and rain eternal
suffering on your whole family and put chewing gum in your hair O___O

down with the sickness.....
[Apr. 16th, 200X | 6:15 AM]

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[now watching: commercials waiting for simpsons to come back on ]
ughh i was sick all day yesterday.
on the one hand, i got to stay home from school...
...but i do that all the time anyway..
without having to lie on the couch watching
freaking daytime tv all day...
i sat through so many episode of
cartoon network playing freaking 60s cartoons....
even worse than throwing up -__-

[Apr. 13th, 200X | 8:22 PM]

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[now playing: disgaea: hour of darkness ]

so, today i walked to the game store, just like any other normal day-
but today... was to be a day of LEGEND.
the whispered tales i have seen of this game online are matched only
by the legends of its rarity... but now... it is MINE.
so uhhh yeah i gotta go- its actually on the menu rn lol
i will provide a full report once ive actually PLAYED it.
hm... maybe i should have done that first...??
nah that doesnt make any sense XD

[Apr. 11th, 200X | 11:29 PM]

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My Name Is...
[Apr. 9th, 200X | 4:19 PM]

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[now watching: ATHF obviously -__-; ]
Shake zula, the mic rula, the old schoola, you want a trip, Ill bring it to ya
Frylock and I'm on top, rock you like a cop, Meatwad, youre up next with your knock-knock
Meatwad make the money see, Meatwad get the honeys G,
Drivin' in my car, livin like a star, Ice on my fingers and my toes and I'm a taurus.
Uh! Check-check it, yeah.
Cause we are the Aqua Teens, make the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream!
Cause we are the Aqua Teens, make the homies say ho and the girlies wanna scream!
Aqua Teen Hunger Force,
Number one in the hood, G
... that is all XD

[Apr. 3rd, 200X | 2:24 AM]

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[now listening to: Hawthorne Heights- Niki FM ]
Yeah, so I don't even have anything to really write about today...
It was... completely boring.
and yet here i am.. writing a journal entry anyway..
not that anyone even reads this anyway....
soooo why am i even writing this you ask???
for my own amusement.... ah ha yes i am so amused...
see how amused i am........... o___o
ehhh whatever im gonna go watch family guy x__x

its over 9000...
[Mar. 29th, 200X | 4:12 PM]

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[now listening to: Say Anything- wow, i can get sexual too ]
ok so i was watching south park on UMD on the bus to school today...
and this fucking kid behind me saw and was like,
"ummmmmm you cant watch that at school bc its TV MA.."
uhhhhhh ok first of all last i checked THE BUS ISNT SCHOOL...
and also who gives a FUCK who is so bored you have to even
give a fuck what someone else is doing...
mind your own business ???? ugh.

hmm what else. uhhh i want to see the grudge...
but its going to be a biblical ordeal to get edie to take me
because she thikns horror movies are dumb.
i mean it does look dumb but... thats what makes it good... lol
hmmm uh whate else.
yeah i dunno lmao.
this was a pointless entry...

[Mar. 23rd, 200X | 8:47 PM]

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[now listening to: 50 cent- just a lil bit ]

hands in the sky
[Mar. 21st, 200X | 6:28 PM]

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[now listening to: straylight run- hands in the sky (big shot) ]

cool video i just saw on tv... O__O

[Mar. 19th, 200X | 10:35 PM]

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[now feeling: nothing]
whats even the ******* point

woof woof woof
[Mar. 19th, 200X | 4:16 PM]

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ok so my school is close enough that i can just walk there really easy...
so last night i was walking my dog and was like.. theres nobody there rn...
what if i walk my dog over there... O__O. LMFAO soooo i did..
there was like this one guy who was a janitor or something maybe??
i think he saw me but he didnt say nything so.... idk????
but anyway today i went and there were STILL SOME PAW PRINTS FROM MY DOG
on the sidewalk between buildings...
it made going to class sliIIIghtly more fun. and then i got to class and
all was suffering once more :D

jhonen was on tV!!!
[Mar. 18th, 200X | 9:01 PM]

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[now listening to: The Used- all that i've got ]

ZOMG. jhonen vasquez was ON TV.
(if you dont know he made invader zim and johnny the homicidal maniac and
other fucking amazing comics).
he was on screen savers on G4... and they said his name wrong.
ANYWAY it was super cool beside that. well beside that and
having to watch the fucking TIGHTEN UP THE GRAPHICS ON LEVEL 3 commercial
for the millionth time x__X

lmao [Mar. 11th, 200X | 6:16 PM]

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[now listening to: Daft Punk- one more time ]

[Mar. 9th, 200X | 4:19 PM]

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[now watching: The Game- how we do ]

if this is real...

aaand if its a lie im going to find whoever
started it and tie them up
and force feed them the broodwich O_______O