Untitled No. 236
[Jun. 4th, 200X | 8:18 PM]

[current mood: default ]
[now listening: Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!- In This Home On Ice ]

thank you for your support

here I am
with my camera

trying to start over
taking care of my prey

one year since the death
We have been fighting in the snow

that's the end
of what you left us

Untitled No. 235
[May 24th, 200X | 7:13 PM]

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[now listening: Final Fantasy- This Lamb Sells Condos ]

silence with a knife.

the sound comes from afar.
crying out
in the tenor of a loved one.

the air is deserted.

the victim of the cross
in a colorful halloween box.

no smoking in the next life.

Untitled No. 234
[May 12th, 200X | 7:27 PM]

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[now listening: Neko Case & Her Boyfriends- South Tacoma Way ]

small pattern
palm oil
nothing to explain

a decorative landscape
of dust inside an attic
your gift may find you damaged
there is nothing to explain

the prayer does not end
it calls out in her voice
your weapon is unstable
but dont let it embarass you

never dream again.
until tomorrow.
Your army is short-lived.

i love you
and your difficulties
your curses in the dark
you struggle to explain
as a light breaks through the stars

Untitled No. 233
[Apr. 27th, 200X | 9:31 PM]

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[now listening: The Books- Vogt Dig for Kloppervok ]
jokes, souvenirs in plastic bags
i want to disappear
what would you do if you knew?
what are you doing now?
i want to know
what are you doing?

will you shave your hair?
i cant stand this mess
this will help you to avoid it-
my words are silent, i dont want to hurt you

little by little, little by little
turn on the fire and get to work
i want to spread this grace
please say thank you

its hot in the car, and in my heart right now
my diamond, lighter, mink
listen to the rain
armaggedon falls on fire
i am embarrassed to die anonymously

[Apr. 14th, 200X | 2:15 AM]

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[now listening: sigur ros- sæglópur ]

Untitled No. 232
[Mar. 25th, 200X | 11:37 PM]

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[now listening: Sufjan Stevens- Casimir Pulaski Day ]
today there is a tree fighting for light
i hope you are not feeling sorry for it
I can't get up because I'm tired
on our holy eve celebration
i see the two bright sockets of your eyes.
I watched you march on that holy night
and i drank your blood like a river
and told you that your eyes
your eyes are bright sockets
like a pair of flashlights

I dreamed of you today

Untitled No. 231
[Mar. 3rd, 200X | 12:33 PM]

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[now listening: Wolf Parade- Dinner Bells ]
wraped in the sweater from when I was a kid
the scent of feather flowers
the back yard of the kitchen is covered in its colors

a bird in the window
pleads with you to sing along
to abandon the mind.
to say I love you

i am a bird in the backyard
i am the bird that passes by your feet
pecking at your scraps

i love you
waiting in terminal 5 with a cup of yogurt
the woman reads and drinks.
the bird sings
but the waves and the wind will not carry the sound

Untitled No. 230
[Feb. 29th, 200X | 10:51 PM]

[current mood: default ]
[now listening: Junior Boys- Count Souvenirs ]
with even heart and temper
pressed up to the window
see the difference with your naked eyes
of summer and of winter

dig in and serve yourself
a moon and river dinner
of stars and hungry flowers
of skeletal wind tremors

of seeing with naked eyes
of crying out in splinters
of walking out on ice
of streetlights getting dimmer