bearzine is a pay-what-you-want download.
it is a series of bear photos, text, and two videos, along with several guest contributions from talented cool folks.
it is in HTML format, so you can open it in your web browser!

you can grab it for free if you choose, but anything you can give helps!

if you pay $20 or more, you can get a simple sketch from me too. just say what you'd like while paying.

if you pay $75 or more, you can get a bear video with a shotout to you, like the ones seen here!
just mention the name you would like to be referred to by.

to pay for bearzine, send any amount to "" through PAYPAL. please select "gift" as the type of payment.
paypal does not provide a pay-what-you-want payment button for personal use. paypal isn't very good. sorry.

to download bearzine, just click HERE